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News: U.S based Cameroonian gospel artiste, Pandita Njoh collaborates with Texas based Pastor Joy Forze on a New Album

By May 24, 2019 May 26th, 2019 Uncategorized

U.S based Cameroonian gospel artiste, Pandita Njoh comes back with full force, partnering with San Antonio, Texas based Pastor Joy Forze on an album! This album is produced by Nigerian producer Wale Owoade. The album is set to be released sometime in April of this year (2019).

The album will be available for streaming and download on digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music, Google play, Cdbaby and many other networks.

“Ps Joy and I were supposed to record just one song based on initial plans. However when we continued working together, we realized we had written more than just one song together. So, we decided to work on a full album. One of the songs on the album—Nations’ Anthem— is especially so dear to my heart because it was inspired by the happenings in the nation currently. I pray and believe that as many as would listen to this album, they would be drawn closer to God and his glory would shine upon them.” -Pandita.

“I believe this was all orchestrated by God from the very beginning. I only met Pandita during my last days in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA before moving to San Antonio, Texas. However, we created a bond stronger than we could ever imagine. Months later, here we are with an album. My prayer as that as we seek God more, we will experience his glory that comes with many blessings such as restoration, healing, peace, restitution and much more for our lives, our families and our communities” -Ps. Joy

In December of last year, the pair released the audio of #Testimony which is one of the tracks from the forthcoming album.

Below is link to the audio of TESTIMONY while waiting for the full album to be released in the days ahead.

copied from: https://kr8radio.com/news-u-s-based-cameroonian-gospel-artiste-pandita-njoh-collaborates-with-texas-based-pastor-joy-forze-on-a-new-album/

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