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Mentorship is a great tool and has always played a pivotal role in my growth and development. I have been mentored directly and indirectly by great leaders and men of God who understand the value of seeking first the Kingdom.  On a consistent basis, i was provided with tools, keys and principles that have opened doors for me and have propelled me in amazing ways as i have gone through life. I want to share these with you. This  program is geared towards helping worshipers grow in their understanding of

  • The Kingdom of God and the value of seeking first
  • Identity
  • Purpose (Leadership)
  • Intimacy
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Ethics of Worship
  • Principles of Worship
  • The different dimensions of Worship

Material for this program is a combination of Biblical information and other books and study materials. It is very necessary to instruct and educate the next wave of worship leaders, ministers, songwriters, intercessors and atmosphere carriers, to not only host the glory of God but be a conduit of the Kingdom of God wherever they go. In addition to talent, there is a need for skills to be developed and knowledge to be acquired that will enhance the development process. I will be partnering with some amazing worship leaders as well in order to provide you with the best experience during the course of the program.

Join us on this formidable journey for one year.




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